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Bucharest / Romania

ITAQUA S.R.L. – Trieste Sucursala Bucuresti

registered office:
Intrarea Patinoarului n.36 Et. 2 Birou 7, Sector 3
030356 - Bucuresti, Romania
CUI RO35174662 

operational headquarters:
Str. Constantin Sandu Aldea n.1 (in incinta FAREX) 
810241 - Brăila, Romania 


Tel. +40 31 102 0608
Mail: info-ro@itaqua.eu

The legal headquarters ot the Romanian branch is located in Bucharest and the production site is located in the district of Braila within an industrial warehouse of 2,200 square meters with external areas, fully equipped with carpentry, welding and tubing machinery.

The branch's activity consists of production aimed at both domestic and foreign customers, the transformation of semi-finished products on behalf of third parties as well as on behalf of the Italian head office in Trieste.